Careers at Sintezis

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Careers at Sintezis

We like to work smart, and have no problem working hard. We are a modern remote based company with largely flexible work hours. We split our work between offices in Dublin (Ireland), Bern (Switzerland) and Zagreb (Croatia).

Our workflow is based on Agile Scrum, we keep mandatory 5-10 min daily standup meetings for each project via video conferencing, thus allowing us to work from any location. Outside the DS each employee is free to manage his own time within the constrictions of the Sprint defined goals and deadlines.

As we are primarily focused on the USA start up market we are looking for people with various backgrounds and skill sets, as much as stone cold ninjas interested in a single area only. We work hard to put people before projects, hoping that people will then deliver quality projects. Certain amount of time is also dedicated to our internal development of internal project management tools and in house start ups.

While your CV and past experience are important they are not the decisive factor when we go looking for new people to work with. We avoid standardized testing and believe in “learning / testing by doing” so we like to give each candidate, with min requirements, a 1 – 3 month period to get to know them and to prove their worth and skills. We believe in equality of opportunity and will treat each candidate based on their competence and merit.


  • Work experience: 1 year
  • Technologies: PHP (Laravel) or Ruby (Sinatra) or Java (SpringBoot)
  • Optional: SOA, Machine Learning

  • Work experience: 1 year
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS(SASS), JS (Vue.js, AngularJS, ReactJS)

    • Work experience: 1 year
    • Technologies: Swift, VIPER, RxSwift
    • Optional: SOA, API oriented design


    • Work experience : 1 year
    • Technologies: Sketch, Figma, Zeplin