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SnapLink – Snap your fingers and problem solved!

This one goes for all developers out there. How many of you are trying to build a social network or just having issues with generating essential data from a website? How many of you are posting or exporting horrible-looking links just because you don’t have the time to deal with them atm? Hell, you have other priorities, first, make it work, and worry about how it looks like, later (read; never).

Well, for all of you out there who don’t have the time for things like this, or perfectionists who will spend way too much time on making it look decent (read; perfect), we came up with a solution.It’s a tool we cooked up during the Covid invasion, and it’s called SnapLink.

Why SnapLink?

We’ve had the same issue as many of you and worked on many projects where we encountered this problem. The idea is to easily share links with friends, co-workers, etc., and have all the stuff in one place. Getting access to all metadata of a website, as well as making it look clean, user-friendly, and presentable was not an easy task. We wanted to make sure that when a user receives a link, they’d know what to expect from it right away because let’s face it, not all websites have good-looking links. When someone shares a link, you want to know what it is, and not see something like „hgt5ib4skhdi7jcwkjw9wjgbko88oo2r“.

How it works?

SnapLink is going to parse metadata to extract all significant information about a website. Our API will consume any URL you submit, scrape basic website data, and return it in a JSON object.When SnapLink completes the scrapping, you’ll get all essential website info; title, description, image, base and full URL, and the list of available pictures. If there are no graphics or images available, SnapLink will create a snapshot of the given website. In case website data isn’t available, SnapLink is going to crawl the website and look for info that might be used as a replacement for missing data from meta tags.

How to use it?

At this moment, everyone is more than welcome to use it and it is completely FREE. There is no catch, no sign-up or any other bullstih forms. Our one and only wish is to help other developer sand save their valuable time.

Becase we know the biggest struggles come from the smallest things.

If you want to find out more about SnapLink, click on the link down below and check it out, you will also find everything you need to implement these solutions.
2020 / 06 / 29
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